Development of the next community coming soon.   

Training Program (January 2020 - December 2021)
TMCongo empowering a new generation of farmers to transform the food system. The program will be a 24-months season-long training for aspiring farmers and community land stewards. It is designed to give a new generation of beginning farmers the knowledge and skills they need to break into the field of sustainable small-scale.

Water is life! It takes up to two hours to get to the river and collect

clean water. Dry season here last from June to September and, during

this period of no rain, there is no farming activities due to lack of water.

Animals die and children get sick. A well will really means life for this

community. Life will be saved for human, animals and plants.

Water is life!!!   

Hunger and malnutrition have harmful effects on children and can disrupt their growth and development process. Anemia is the second most common cause of disability in the Congo and is a direct result of nutrition deficiencies. Some people are even going into prostitution as ways to find money for food. TMCongo are witnessing emergency levels of hunger and malnutrition in every  village where we respond.

Farm community 2: Breaking the circle of poverty through farming education.

Church Construction: We have experienced the church being destroy by the storm many times. One of our projects is to build a strong building that will sustain storms and keep the people safe.

School construction It is not a secret that better education have the power to change lives. A stable building will give more children the support and opportunities they deserve.


Goat and a pig:  One female goat and one gilt will produce milk,

meat, income for the family as well as  retirement plan.