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     We work in Plateau de Bateke region of the Democratic Republic of Congo which was once known as a place of hunger, malnutrition and poverty.
Though it is an agrarian society, residents had little knowledge of farming, even though this region has the best soil on Earth for planting.
Lack of knowledge made them unable to harvest a living from the land and poverty, malnutrition, and starvation forced many to give up farming and leave, relocated to Kinshasa, the capital city with a population of 12 million. Unemployment rate of 70% in Kinshasa forced many into crime and prostitution.

     Gabby  and Nadine Talahumbu, dual citizen of DRC and USA. Gabby completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health with a focus on world food problems and,  MBA degree from the USA. Nadine has a Master in Human Health Services. Through Gabby and Nadine’s passion for the homeland, they secured concessionare rights to farm 200 hectares in the Bandundu Region, among the richest farming soil in the world

they started an incubator farm, cultivating 20 hectares, producing 10 crops in 7 years. Crops included cassava, okra, eggplant and corn.​

                                               Development of the next community coming soon.            

January 2020 to December 2021
TMCongo empowering a new generation of farmers to transform the food system. The program will be a 24-months season long 
training for aspiring farmers and 
community land stewards. It is designed to give a new generation of beginning farmers the knowledge and skills they need to break into the field of sustainable small farmers.Type your paragraph here.

​A farming community reached 

          independent stage

A church and school have been planted

over 182 adults have been trained to farm

83 people confessed their faith to Christ


​Many miracles of provision have been witnessed

Transformation Ministries Congo


Founded: 2012 by Nadine and

Gabby Talahumbu


Areas of expertise: 
Gospel of Jesus Christ, smallholder farmer"s training, church planting, education,  philanthropy, Health, Social & person living with a disability,